Prevent Children in Your Care Suffering Serious Injury as a Result of the Doors on Your Premises

This near finger loss was caused by the door hinge.


Prevent children suffering serious finger injuries due to closing doors 

Approximately 15 children each week in Ireland have to attend a hospital to receive emergency surgery to their fingers that they trapped in the door. This figure does not take into account those that attended their doctor or local clinic for a maybe less serious finger injury caused by the door which we estimate around 60 children a week. It is simply not worth the risk – cover those door jambs and avoid the worry. 

Most of these injuries take place in and around the door hinge also known as the door jamb and not the handle side as most people think. 


door hinges.png

We strongly recommend Finger Protection Door Safety Strips to cover the door jamb hinges and prevent children in your care suffering nasty & serious injuries or even loss of fingers.