Finger Protection PRO 180 Degree Wide Strip


Finger Protection PRO 180 Degree Wide Strip


The Finger Protection PRO Wide Strip - the professional door safety strip guard for the outside of the door with its wide door jamb gap. Suitable for all wooden doors as well as other doors that need to open approximately 170 to 180 degrees. Ideal for schools, public and commercial buildings. Tested for 1,000,000 opening and closing movements.

If you also require the inside where the hinge pins are to be covered then please see our PRO Kit. 

  • Available in 180 cm length at €38 per strip. White

  • Available in 180 cm length at €38 per strip. Anthracite

Prices already include VAT. Shipping is a flat charge of €8.99 irrespective of quantity.

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  • 1.8 meter length

  • Tested for 1,000,000 opening and closing movements

  • Fire Retardant as per UL94 Norm

  • Available in white or anthracite.

  • Suitable for PVC and Aluminium doors as well as wooden

  • Allows for the door to be opened approximately 170 to 180 degrees

  • The hinge gap opening angle from door to door frame should measure no more than 22 cm/8.6 inches

  • Maximum thickness of door on which it can be used is 7 cm/ 2.8 inches

  • Easy DIY install takes 5 to 8 minutes

  • Easy to remove for door maintenance. With others you have to remove all screws again (screws not included)

  • Screws are not visible therefore more aesthetically pleasing unlike others (screws not included)

  • SKG-IKOB++ certified

  • First and only door strip to obtain the SKG-IKOB certificate for durability making it the best one in the world

  • Meets the highest finger door guard norms in the world - SKG® certified and comply with EN16654 and NEN8654

  • Suitable for swing doors (needs two of the wide strips - click here )

  • Suitable for automatic doors (meets the new EN 16005 norm)

  • Made in Germany

Highly recommended and regarded as the ultimate door safety strip and is the first in the world to obtain the SKG-IKOB certificate for durability making it the best one in the world.

This PRO wide safety strip is perfect for schools, creches, montessori, public and commercial buildings. It fits on fire doors, swing doors, pivot doors and automatic doors. The strip comes with a click strip, already applied adhesive tape, and pre drilled holes for screws which we insist are used to ensure secure fitting. The strip is easily removed and reapplied for any future door maintenance required i.e painting.

This product is for doors that open up to 170 to 180 degrees.

For suitable door applications please click this link

One satisfied customer from Norway told us that "this is the same product we mounted in another school 2 years ago. They are not showing signs of anything wrong, even though our calculations says that these doors have been opened/closed more than 500 000 times" 

It is highly recommended that you read our ‘Useful Info’ page in order to help you with your product consideration.

We only sell & deliver within Ireland.

If used externally the lifespan of the product will be shorter due to the weather elements.

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