Prevention is the best cure

“Prevention is the best cure” an expression we have all heard. A week doesn’t go by when I don’t receive an email or a phone call enquiring about the Finger Protection door safety product from someone who has had a door injury related incident. Many of them are not too serious but certainly enough to set the alarm bells ringing and a desperate hunt for a product that can prevent people from accidentally sticking their fingers into the door frame gaps. We tend to think of doors slamming closed on our poor fingers as being the only possible way to cause damage to our poor precious fingers, but we neglect to think that it is all so easy for us to also get nasty injuries when our fingers slip into the gaps between the door edge and door frame both on the hinge side and the doorjamb side. I would encourage all professional administration people and ordinary householders to childproof and adult proof the doors in their buildings and avoid unnecessary injury and in some cases insurance claims against them.

There are quite a few good Irish companies that supply safety products for the home, crèche, schools, restaurants, and public buildings. All our extremely worthy of good advice and valuable product information. I would note too from looking at prices on the internet that it is better to source these products within Ireland. This also has the added advantage of better after-sales care if required.