door safety strip

Guidance to selecting the right door safety strip

I get many calls looking for advice as to what Finger Protection door safety strip is required for their specific door. In general the products we supply are generic and very easy DIY install. But there is a decision to be made as to which type, and indeed if both sides of the door jamb need to be covered. 

I created a HELP page to ahem! help people to select the right product for their needs. It is a very simple flowchart with a YES or a NO response required, to eventually guide you down the chart to the product most suitable. It is uncomplicated and results in you selecting a cloud at the bottom with your product and price per unit already inclusive of VAT (but excluding delivery which is an extra €7.99 no matter the quantity). Click this cloud and it brings you to the information page for it and also has the add to cart button if you wish to proceed and purchase online. 

I believe this will aid people greatly in picking the right finger pinch guard for their door, however always remember that if feel you need more information or have any questions whatsoever you can always call me on my mobile 086 3845423 which I answer most of the time but if not on the odd occasion, please do leave a clear voicemail including your number (say the number a couple of times just to be sure I hear it) and I will be sure to call you back. Or even text me too if you prefer.